1. How to decide which treadmill you should buy based on your maximum bodyweight?

Let's consider your ( maximum user weight at home) weight is 100Kg.
- If you want to use Treadmill just for Brisk walking then you can buy a Treadmill as per maximum user weight published by treadmill manufacturer. For example, you can buy TD-M3 or TD-M4 which has a maximum user weight of 100Kg.
- If you want to use a treadmill for jogging then you need to buy a Treadmill with your user weight +15 Kg. Considering your body weight of 100Kg you need a treadmill with a minimum of 115Kg of Maximum user weight. For Example, you can buy any model from TDM99 onward.
- If you want to use Treadmill for Running then you need to buy a Treadmill with your user weight + 25Kg. Considering your body weight of 100Kg you will need a treadmill with a minimum of 125Kg Max.user weight.
For example, you can buy Model TDM -150 which has a maximum user weight of 120kg.
 2.For How Long Treadmill can be used continuously?
DC motor treadmill can be continuously used for 40-50 minutes based on user body weight. After that, it needs 20 minutes of rest and then again be used for 40-50 minutes In the case of the treadmill with AC motor, it can be used continuously.
3.Which Motor is better for a treadmill, AC or DC?
Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
The advantage of Dc motor is that it’s less noisy and consumes less power as compared to ac motor. The disadvantage is it can be used continuously for 45-50 minutes before it needs rest for 20 minutes, unlike ac motor which can be used continuously. However normally one would not use more than 50 minutes for each session.
 6.How much electricity does Treadmill consume/ Costs?
It depends on the size (HP rating) of the motor used in the treadmill and the maximum body user weight of the user in Kg who would be using the treadmill.
For example, let us assume you are using 3.0HP motor Treadmill (say Model TDA350) which has maximum user weight (load) of 120Kg and assuming your body weight is 120Kg and you are run-ning at full speed (18Km/hr) for one hour. In this case, the standard power consumption calculation is as below.
Now 1 HP (Horse Power) = 746 watts
So 3 HP = 3*746 watts = 2238 watts
1 unit of Power Consumed = 1 kWh= 1000 Watts used for one hour.
So, in the above case as you run for one hour it consumes
2238/1000= 2.238 units of power.
Generally, units of electricity consumed are lower than above as actual load (user weight), speed and duration at which treadmill is used are less.
You can consider one unit of power consumed for one hour of treadmill use.
The above is the standard calculation but the quality of motor used plays a very important role in electricity consumption. If the motor used has 100% electrolytic copper and is a green, efficient motor than it uses less current and hence less power.
7.What is "inclination" and when is it important in a Treadmill?
The inclination is like climbing a Mountain. Inclination is important if your fitness goal is to lose weight faster. For Example, TDM-150 has a 3 level manual incline and Model TDA-150 has the motorized auto inclination.
8. After the Treadmill is delivered who will install or assemble it?
Some models come 80-95% preassembled and it's quite easy to do the installation by yourself. If you need help you can call +91-9524680808 or follow the installation guide provided MANUL BOOK
4.Can Treadmill Run on Single Phase 230V or need 3 Phase elec-tric connection?
All  treadmill models work on a single phase 230V input supply.
5.Do Treadmills need a stabilizer?

Most of the metro cities in India do not need a stabilizer due to a stable power supply. However, the other parts of the country where a lot of Voltage fluctuation are seen, Stabilizer are needed. This Voltage fluctuation damages the electronic parts in the tread-mill and using stabilizer is recommended as it will safeguard the electronic parts of the treadmill.

9.Does Treadmill require 5 Amp or 15 Amp power socket? Any special wiring required?
All Home use treadmills comes 5 Amp and  15AMP  socket depands on model. There is no special wiring needed.
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